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A thing of beauty is a joy forever, as they say. And few things can bring joy like a well thought out landscape, especially in the heat of Florida. But how do you enjoy a gorgeous landscape when on a budget? This article outlines a few ways to do just that. Talk to your local lawn service in Lakeland, Fl to find out what budget-friendly options are right for you.

1.     Use Perennial and Non-Fussy Plants

Perennials tend to not cost as much in terms of maintenance as do annuals, and they don’t have to be replaced every year like the latter. Plus, they tend to be hardy and can sometimes live on for years at a stretch, so they provide some excellent return on investment. And you can’t go wrong with classics like daisies or lavender. Do try to plant non-fussy flowers as well, so you always have some bright color outside without breaking your back tending to them. Ask your local lawn service in Lakeland, Fl, which perennials are best suited to the environment.

2.     Make the Foundation Strong

Always make sure you consult your lawn service in Lakeland, Fl to ensure you’re establishing a strong and solid stone base. A good base ends up in maintenance savings for years, even decades. Strong bases prevent owners from having to invest in fixing the landscape by leveling the stones again later.

3.     Going for Grass? Try Keeping it Endemic

Grass is probably the most popular option when it comes to turf. But before you decide to go for one of those exotic varieties, consider native grasses that thrive within the climate naturally. This will make for automatic low maintenance, since you will not have to factor in the additional expenses involved in caring for a plant outside its natural habitat. Do some research on what grass grows best in your environment, or better yet, call up your local lawn services in Lakeland, Fl and ask them.

4.     Mulch Beds

Use mulch instead of grass around your landscape. Mulch will help fertilize your plants, and it keeps weeds away from your lawn. This helps keep down maintenance costs. Plus, unlike grass, mulch doesn’t have to be watered or taken care of, or even replaced frequently. And it smells extremely pleasant, to boot. It makes it the perfect inexpensive option.

5.     Ditch the Lawn

Ask your lawn service in Lakeland, Fl, about alternatives to traditional grass lawns. It can be a lot simpler to simply have a rock lawn instead that’s filled with seeds and pebbles, with some plants and flowers strewn around for natural accents. Most landscaping organizations have a wide variety of pebble options, so you will be able to pick whatever works for you. You can even go for brightly colored plastic rocks instead of the real thing. A rock lawn makes for virtually no maintenance at all, so you will save a lot in terms of those costs.