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How to Choose the Right Lawn Care Service

So many services to choose from, so little time. Of course you’ll do your research, read through the first Google results page and ask your neighbors. But everyone has a different lawn, and what works for one person may not for another. How can you ever know what lawn service will provide you with the best possible treatment in Lakeland, Florida? Well, here are a few tips that might be of use.

Check out What Applications are Being Offered

There are some applications that are a standard practice to offer, like weed control and fertilizers. If a company offers other applications as part of the entire package, it’s important to go through the ingredient lists for those applications. You also need to ask the lawn service in Lakeland, FL about those applications.

For example, Lakeland’s soil pH usually isn’t low enough that you’ll need regular applications of lime. If a company is offering lime as part of its regular package, question them about it, since this may indicate that they are not providing you with specialized services. Additionally, do check out their pricing methods. It’s generally not worth it to go with companies that have a registration or administrative fee.

Do They Keep You in the Loop?

When you’re talking to your neighbors about the best lawn service in Lakeland, FL, do make sure to ask this important question: are the service people open to educating them on their lawn condition? You can tell a good service apart by how invested they are in keeping your lawn healthy and happy. An essential requisite for this is that you, the owner, are aware of what applications are being used on your lawn and why they are essential. Choose a lawn service that is considerate and keeps you updated.

Are they Using Quality Fertilizers?

Go through the website of the lawn service in Lakeland, FL that you plan on hiring to find out what ingredients they use in their applications. It is important to know whether the lawn service is using quality fertilizers, and whether they are organic or inorganic.

Do They Take Care of their Equipment?

A professional lawn service should not be using dull blades that can give a ragged and torn appearance to the tops of the grass. To find out how regularly the lawn service in Lakeland, FL maintains its blades, ask them how many hours pass between the times they change or sharpen their blades. If their answer goes over 10 hours, ditch the company, because they definitely do not know how to maintain their equipment.

How’s the Customer Service?

It’s always best to check if the lawn service in Lakeland, FL that you’re looking at is well represented on social media. Companies that have a Facebook page or Twitter account show a willingness to connect with their customers and take up their questions. It demonstrates a willingness to listen to your concerns. Call up the companies you have short listed, and see which ones respond promptly. Investing in a company with good customer care is likely to save you from a lot of stress.