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The Top Trends to Look Out for in Landscaping in 2017

It’s hard being a homeowner in Lakeland, Florida. The heat and humidity make it difficult to overcome challenges when it comes to landscaping. And to stay trendy on top of it all, what a nightmare!

But never fear, because we’re here to let you know how to get the best of both worlds; a lawn that can survive the rigors of Floridian climate, and be the visual envy of all your neighbors? Let’s get you signed up! This year, make sure you ask a Lawn Service in Lakeland, FL about the following.


Smart Grass

Smart grass refers to the varieties of grass that have been especially cultivated to suit a particular type of environment without compromising on the aesthetics. It’s perfect to use on a lawn that needs to withstand hot and dry climate, while remaining soft and beautiful. Plus, it’s a lot easier to maintain than other grass varieties, since it is made to survive and thrive in this kind of weather. Smart grass can give you an incredible Return on Investment in the long term. Talk to your lawn service in Lakeland, FL in order to avail this feature!


Edible and Endemic Plants

Why can’t your lawn be pretty and functional? Consider a few well-placed citrus trees on your property. Not only will the bright fruit add pleasing color to the lawn, but also create a feeling and effect of freshness. It is increasingly becoming more popular to grow localized, “useful” plants than the more exotic breeds of yore. Since the soil quality might not be optimal for this feature, it’s best to consult a professional lawn service in Lakeland, FL to determine how best to go about this.

In this vein, there is also a burgeoning focus on endemic plants, which come with very few caveats. These plants are suited to the climate, need less maintenance, look aesthetically pleasing and have a very low carbon footprint.


Use Natural Materials

If you have a hippie in your heart, now’s the time to let that out. Because landscaping in 2017 is all about the natural and organic look. This means plenty of wood and stone, wood on benches and swings, stone paths and walls. It makes for a timeless, whimsical look and you just can’t go wrong with that. But if the au natural look isn’t totally for you, mix it up by interweaving different materials, like wooden decks with iron railings and gates.


Fish Ponds and Water Features

If there’s one mantra that runs on a constant loop on everyone’s minds here, it’s “beat the heat, beat the heat, beat the heat.” And what better way to do that than through the serene presence of water features like fountains? Nothing makes a lawn look lusher than water features, whether you go with the usual fishpond or something more avant-garde like fish towers. Speaking of fish towers, they’re poised to be the next big trend themselves this year, thanks to both their attractiveness and the ease of setting them up. Don’t forget to talk to your lawn service in Lakeland, FL about this new feature!