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What Are The 4 Biggest Reasons For The Water Problems On Your Landscape?

Without good drainage, your landscape will be unable to have water distributed properly throughout it. Owners who do not invest in a proper drainage system are going to face problems like leaks and soggy puddles throughout the lawn in the long run. This article has a short list of issues you’ll need to avoid. Your lawn service in Lakeland, Fl will be further able to advise you on this.

1)   Poor Soil Permeability

Soil that does not allow water easy access through it will aid in the creation of unwanted puddles. Such soil tends to be clay-dense, and needs to be drained in order to get rid of the excess water. When the clay is closer to the top of the soil, this drainage can be easily performed by digging a small channel through the dense layer, and then loosely packed with gravel or sandy material. When the dense layer is larger in size, multiple channels may need to be created and filled with gravel. It’s usually better to consult your local lawn service in Lakeland, Fl in order to figure out how big the channels should be and where they should be dug.

Soil compaction can also be a result of people walking on the lawn during wet weather and pushing the soil particles closer together. Therefore, poor soil permeability can occur even when a drainage system is in place in the soil. It’s a good idea to keep your kids off the lawn during the rain and restrict family and friends from walking on it.

2)   The Design of your Plant Beds

It is important to always check with your local lawn service in Lakeland, Fl before making the decision to go with a certain type of plant or flower bed design. A design that does not mesh with the natural water flow is going to restrict the water from flowing in its intended direction. And that will just cause water to build up in the beds, which would be catastrophic for the plants.

3)   Lawn Topography

Most houses are designed to naturally move water away from themselves and the yards, with a small slope traveling from the house to the streets. However, if the shape of the lawn makes it difficult for this water to drain away naturally, you may need to call up lawn services in Lakeland, Fl to create a regular slope.

4)   Is your Terrace not pitched Right?

A well-pitched terrace allows water to naturally flow away from the house, not towards it. This prevents water from accumulating in one spot and potentially seeping inside the house. Additionally, some terraces are beneath the level of the turf, further creating drainage problems. This problem is usually only resolvable by removing the old terrace and replacing it. This is a cumbersome, if necessary, process. However, do consult your local lawn service in Lakeland, Fl before going through with a change like this. It’s entirely possible that they could devise a more creative solution instead.