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Turfgrass: Is Yours Right?

There’s nothing like coming home to a beautiful, well-maintained lawn. And nothing sets off a beautiful lawn like healthy grass. If you own a lawn, however, you may already know through experience how important it is to choose the correct type of turf, lest maintaining a lovely lawn becomes too difficult.
A professional lawn service in Lakeland, FL will inform you about the best kinds of turf that you can use on your lawn. Plus, they can let you know about some alternatives to turf that you can use instead. This article will highlight some options.


One of the more popular options out there, Bahiagrass is famous for its limited need for maintenance, although it does need to be mowed quite regularly in order to stop the stalks from growing too tall. However, ask your local lawn service in Lakeland, FL if this is the right option for you before going for this choice.
Bahiagrass does not thrive extremely well in coastal areas, so this might best if you live at a distance from the ocean. If the choice turns out to be appropriate for you, it’s likely to be a good one. This kind of turf tolerates droughts extremely well, and is more resilient against pests and disease.

St. Augustinegrass

St. Augustinegrass is another extremely popular option for turfs. Like Bahiagrass, it’s easy to maintain, although it does need more water to thrive during a drought. Plus, it’s easy to put down and establish. While it has less resistance to moles and crickets, overall, it is also less susceptible to pests and insects.

Salt-tolerant Lawngrass

Lakeland is a coastal area, and while the sea air can be extremely pleasant to live with, it can be somewhat harsh on your lawn. You therefore need to ensure that your turf can tolerate salt spray. The St. Augustinegrass mentioned earlier here is tough against salt air, as is Zoysia.
Unfortunately, the most salt-tolerant option, Seashore Paspalum, is usually too expensive for homes to maintain. But it can be an excellent option for offices and corporate environments. Ask your local lawn service in Lakeland, FL about the best options for your lawn.

Turfgrass Alternatives

Of course, mowing, irrigating, fertilizing and just overall maintenance can be a difficult chore to manage, even if you regularly enlist a lawn service in Lakeland, FL. If this is the case, never fret. You can still be the proud owner of a beautiful lawn using alternatives to turf.
One great option you could utilize is mulched beds. A neatly mulched bed that’s surrounded by just some hints of turfgrass will not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also add nutrients to the soil. Plus, it’ll slow down erosion and protect the plant’s root system.
Another alternative is using groundcovers like beach sunflowers or Asiatic jasmine. Again, you should consult your local lawn service in Lakeland, FL to determine what the best variety is for your lawn.